27th European Stroke Conference

11–13 April 2018 • Athens | Greece

27th European Stroke Conference

11–13 April 2018 • Athens | Greece

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The ESC – the International Stroke Conference in Europe – developed since 1990 into the most important platform for exchanging the latest research results and innovations in the prevention and treatment of stroke. Being financially independent from any profit-oriented organisations, the aim is to combine existing knowledge with the development and implementation of improved concepts for the benefit of patients across Europe.

For more information about the European Stroke Conference, please visit www.eurostroke.eu

Independent, innovative and open to the world: "European Stroke Conference (ESC)”
The scientific conference of the European Stroke Research Foundation (ESRF) brings together outstanding experts from all over the world. 

Internationally networked and cosmopolitan, the European Stroke Conference (ESC) with its interprofessional top researchers has been developing into the most important conference in the field of stroke research in Europe over the last 27 years.

Independent expert meeting – a vision becomes reality!
Independently of political societies and without influence by commercial interests, a circle of renowned experts from all over the world meet to exchange the latest scientific findings on stroke and accompanying research from adjacent disciplines.

Prize money of 50,000 €!
The European Stroke Research Foundation (ESRF)  generously supports highly motivated young clinicians and scientists (up to 100 Travel Grants) as well as best the researcher work (up to 10 Research Awards) that have been submitted as abstracts to our meetings. 

The Scientific Conference of the European Stroke Research Foundation unites global research, promotion and implementation of innovative and translational concepts for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation/regeneration of strokes in an interdisciplinary expert panel which is attended not only by experienced physicians, scientists from experimental and clinical research groups but also from young researchers.

All abstracts and the scientific programme are published in our journals Cerebrovascular Diseases (www.karger.com/CED)  and Cerebrovascular Diseases Extra (online only www.karger.com/CEE). Both journals are top ranked in the Science Citation Indexes (SCI 2.974 SCI and 1.47 ESCI) following ethical publishing practices and are searchable and quotable. Both journals are peer reviewed.

Interdisciplinary Congress for Stroke Research
The European Stroke Conference has developed from a pure meeting of neurologists into a full medical faculty driven by all neighbouring specialties, which together are supporting and developing acute, preventive and restorative stroke management from experimental to clinical neurology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, imaging disciplines, epidemiology, rehabilitation and regeneration, - and which also incorporate new technological aspects – telemedicine, new technologies for rehabilitation, networks for patients care, digital networks etc.